Directly after you take a shot you eat poprocks and your mouth starts thizzing. Making the people partaking in this feel really good. This is very common amonst teens in the west coast at partys.
Dude did you see dave he was thizzing way to hard and threw up everywhere!
by californiadrinker August 17, 2010
Top Definition
To trip on Ecstasy; to be on E.
"Yo, last night Melissa was thizzing at the club and she told me she loved me!"
by Jamal January 23, 2005
To launch oneself into a world of happiness, love, empathy, and possibilities with the aid of MDMA.
"Nigga why is this fool touching my ass?!?!"
"He be thizzing dawg."
by Awbear June 25, 2006
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