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Even though it will obvious to all parties present that there is a high degree of bullshitness occurring. It is often a human need that the party who is receiving the brunt of the bullshit will exclaim and reinforce to everyone that "this is some bullshit".
Johnny: Remember when I said I was only ten minutes away from picking you up? Well i'm more like 3 hours away.

Timmy: Man, this is some bullshit.
by foomanfish February 21, 2010
A common phrase used widely amongst the working class citizens of America. Verbal and non-verbal. Mininum 4-5 days a week.
"This is some bullshit" regional variations include:
1.Thisis sum booshit.
2. This here som boshit.
3. Thisizm bullshit
goes on and on..
by CaliBuns February 14, 2011