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A dangerous area of discussion, a point at which the mere mention of a subject result is disaster. Commonly used in politics.
"Social security is the third rail of politics. Step on it and you're dead."
-The West Wing
by Crinkle Fantastic May 04, 2005
An additional rail usually found in subway systems, running parallel to the existing tracks, and sometimes slightly elevated. The third rail carries a live electric current which is used to power the subway trains.
"No Trespassing - DANGER THIRD RAIL"
by Mr. X-106 August 29, 2004
A live electrical rail that can zap you to death.

a trap put out by the government to kill all graffiti artist.
Thirdrail can kill so watch your step!!
by DigDug March 08, 2004
an expression of rage or frustration; a desire to see something destroyed (as in electrocuted on the third rail on a rail track)
"God, this guy is really pissing me off... I'm about to go third rail on this asshole."
by minch February 28, 2003
The term THIRD RAIL commonly is a low pro way of refferancing one's Cock, mostly used when talking directly to or within ear shot of some bitches. Can be used to insult, make fun of with out them really catching on, or as a little bit of "verbal bling" while telling a story.
"sup, you ladies down with the trird rail or what?"

"third rail clothing co."
by JOSH motherfuckin ALLEN February 15, 2009
1. Expression: a distinctive way of communicating your dissatisfaction with the situation. Draw out "third", emphasis on "rail"
That dumb fuckin bitch at Food Lion took twenty minutes to run a price check on my shrimp flavored Ramen. Thiiiiiiirrrrrd RAIL!!!!!!!!!!
by DBo February 28, 2003
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