Having a thing for dating sites
I regularly thingle with

soap ops i.e. Days of our wives, The young and the wrestles, Degenerations, Dallass Etc.etc,
by Hercolena Oliver July 04, 2010
Top Definition
A cross of the words "Thing", "Tingle" and "Mingle" - a social media website focused on Things
by wbuschta December 06, 2012
Noun/ Combination of "single" and "thing"; Meaning a single thing.
That thingle was off the hook.
by Hardcore ghetto gangsta' May 10, 2003
a gay gay word
"I use the word thingle, because i think it makes me sound gangsTER."
by your mom February 21, 2004
Without commitments or obligation
Can you believe I don't have a single thing to wear – surely that's not y I'm still thingle?
by Hercolena Oliver December 30, 2008
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