favorable, desirable, or cool
Wow Janice, your shirt is SO thin!

by LRo November 27, 2007
Used to describe something bad that's happened. The opposite of saying 'Fat' meaning good.
"Dave got sacked for smoking draw at work"

by Dicky Brown November 16, 2007
A condom. Used to practice safe sex.
Dude, can you grab me a thin, i don't wanna get this chick pregnant.
by Cubano Pancho April 28, 2005
Exaggerist, you are wrong. Guys actually like girls who are confident about themselves and aren't anorexic. I know plenty of guys who think that thin girls are ugly because thin girls have no curves or confidence.

P.S. Yes I'm a girl.
All these girls with eating disorders think that being thin is the thing to go. They think it's what guys want. But guys actually don't like thin girl because they look ugly and sick.
by ugh seriously? April 09, 2007
Used when explaining a bond between two people that is very unstable and can turn into fighting very easily. Meaning a bond is "on thin ice".
"You don't understand, me and Violet are on very thin terms."

"We are thin atm"
by Fallon Skye April 16, 2016

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