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A common misspelling of "their"

Often made by new generation kids who spend all their time slacking off in school, and using abbreviations on nearly any word concievable.

Or, by those who think "I before E except after C" is a rule in English.
hottgurl88: i wz like its thier effing prblem!!

Vegeta: Leave me alone, please.
by Vegeta897 May 16, 2005
The "correct" spelling of their according to one angry, lonely, and rude "college graduate" from Suffolk, Virginia that called the Suffolk Times news editor to correct him.
"The correct spelling is thier, not their. I went to college."
by crazypsychohamster April 14, 2015
how they spell THEIR in Thompson,Mb
Allana wanted to correct THIER mistake.
by j to the roc January 02, 2008
1.One who likes to get it up the but and giving head at the same time
2.One who likes to eat out someones ass after butt fucking then and get the cum out with there tounge
Sam Thier
by Anonymous February 25, 2003
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