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a auspice of the werewolves from white wolf publishing's werewolf:the apocalpse

they are the shaman or magicians of the Garou ( werewolves) they speak to spirits and help other werewolves with mystical rites

they are prepresented by the cresent moon
that guy is seeing things again!
so either he is a theurge or has been smoking something
by HSTF Syndrome September 12, 2003
The Urge is the best pure clan in all of RuneScape.
The Urge owned Final Ownage Elite in a full out F2P war today.
by Drunkin R2h April 05, 2010
Homosexual desires.
Ghostface Killah: "Men marrying men --ew, they got the urge!"

* heard on the track "Mighty Healthy"
by Bam F October 19, 2007
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