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To perform therapy on someone
I have a brand new client and can't wait to therapize him.
by RosewoodR October 26, 2006
When a therapist or clinician does analysis on their friends or family.
Mom, don't therapize me! Keep your EMDR to yourself! I do not have PTSD!
by Rolling Thunder March 08, 2007
To attempt to perform therapy on someone.
"Don't try to therapize me!"
"I'm going to therapize Petey. He's too dependant on human touch."
by Therapize August 19, 2014
Verb. To undertake psychotherapy to resolve personal issue, especially with the assistance of a clinical psychologist.
A: I hate my father.
B: You need to therapize that shit.
by boundarize March 05, 2015
When a hair-stylist listens to his/her customer's problems and drama while giving input to comfort or rectify the issues.
1. I can't wait for my hair-stylist to therapize me this afteroon of all my drama during my sick cut.

2. My client sure needed alot of therapizing in the salon this morning. I almost jacked up her corn rows with all the crap she was spewing out.
by Donor32 February 15, 2010
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