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No, you're a frickin noob. And you're not very bright, at all
George W. Bush and Jessica Simpson
by Ram Gupta September 04, 2004
Derived from the pakistani language as the worst word in the pakistani language. It is considered an insult to be called a thedevilf.

thedevilf - A synonym for the slang word "mother fucker". Also used in various other situations to curse out anyone at any time to hurt someone for any reason.
2.) Stinky feces
3.) Fatherless, or "bastard baby".
Hey you stinky thedevilf, lick my shoes you muthar fukkarr.
by Meriam Webster November 24, 2004
User at who thinks he's qualified for a moderator position. In reality, every one looks down upon the newb. It's a must for him to be the top shouter of the vbulletin shoutbox leaderboard.
And thats why Im a classic around here at BG. Hear me all you New to Bluegoop. I am your superior. Well not really. I am not an SMOD MOD ADMIN. I am a member/legend. I cant beleive you remember that Conversation Core, I mean it wasnt a big deal to you. And Alias....please some comments about my last post. OH yea, btw, Jushiko, where did the mysterious link lead to anyways.
Ahhh its good to be me....Warning fr-.....Oh I mean can-t-t re-m-m-eem-bb--er.
by Your friendly plain face September 01, 2004
a gay ass bastard who acts liek a nigga. if he was a nigga, he would be a disgrace to all niggas
Thedevilf is a gay retard.
by thedevilf's momma September 23, 2004
The most cunning and brave person in the world. He is the best of the best and everybody looks up to him. He is the one and only...Thedevilf
Greatest legend alive. Bluegoop bows down to thedevilf.
by thedevilf September 03, 2004
im pride! no hate! cmon! gay-straight alliance yall!
Thedevilf is a kid named FArrukh Mukhtar who is a gay and proud of it.
by Farrukh Mukhtar February 19, 2005
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