One big room full of bad Bitches.
The world is one place full of awesome (bad) people, just like one big room can be full of bad people.
by OneBigRoom October 24, 2011
Top Definition
A place where 99.999% of the people have no clue of reality.
You people don't know fuckin shit!
said to be ran by just a few rich satanist buttholes
can't someone just kill those cocksuckers?
by common sense March 24, 2005
Archipelago of man-made islands off of Dubai in the Persian Gulf. When completed in 2008, they will look like a mosiac of the planet composed entirely of these said islands. On these islands, there will be multi-million dollar beach houses that will make south beach look like a trailer park. Moguls like Sir Richard Branson have already grabbed most of them up.
When you visit Dubai, don't forget to pass by the world!!
by W.C.'s own June 30, 2006
1. Earth
2. Everything that exists
3. 7 or more exes
He's got the most exes in THE WORLD
by juggernaught August 14, 2010
can be used as it's the world or your the world. a term saying that something is really good.
try this bud it's the world.
by george January 20, 2005
Six Flags Marine World off The Block (Vallejo, CA)

Just adjacent to Cuddiville (The Crest)
Where you work at?

The World

Ah cuddie, you cood get me in?

Na, they gone 'recognize' you

Maine I aint trippn' off 'ya boys'(Vallejo Police Officers/Department)
by M. Du May 06, 2005
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