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To be politically correct.

The very thing that is driving Britain into the dust.

Epitomised by New Labour and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair himself.

Whereby you act and speak in a way that doesn't upset' or the buzz word "offend", any form of minority, be it ethnic or otherwise in the UK. Therefore getting in the way of moderate and legitimate debates like Immigration and Asylum.

People who don't conform are labelled racist by ignorant people scared of causing confrontation.
Teacher to Pupils : sorry kids but due to political correctness we mustn't pray in assembly in case Hindus or Sikhs are "offended"
by britishandworried January 25, 2005
He talked about everything and nothing really. He arrived with a new wave of optimism and disappeared without a bat of an eyelid (mainly due to the UK's adoration New Labour as they swept into Downing Street).

Alright kind of bloke in truth, could've fulfilled any other job in Government at the time to a high standard except that of Prime Minister!
Things of note during his lengthy, but seemingly brief 6 and a half years as PM:

Signed Maastricht, and...
lost election to Labour in landslide.

Thats about it really!
by britishandworried January 29, 2005
Falls into the same category as arsewipe to be honest. Mild term of abuse for a sibling. See arsewipe.
"Oi wankstain, never douse my duvet in petrol and set it alight whilst I'm asleep underneath it again!"
by britishandworried February 03, 2005
Mark spelt backwards! That's it.
"My name isn't Kram."
by britishandworried February 08, 2005
What you dare not take from a prat who finks he's hard as nails.
"Oi, you takin liberties, mate?!"
by britishandworried February 09, 2005
The more sinsister offspring of the legendary yuppie of 1980s Britain.

Their primary directive at birth is to leave the leafy surburbs of decently sized urban areas where they reside with there retiring and massively wealthy parents and moved inwards to gentrify all they lay before them. Notting Hill and the Docklands of London a perfect example.

Now with regular accents as opposed to the Home Counties twang of the generation that came before them.
"i live in a upwardly mobile urban area - I'm a yuppie puppy!"
by britishandworried February 04, 2005
High Sheriff is the title bestowed upon the ruler of Wales, England's largest county. See also Port Davies and Wales.
"Port Davies is where the High Sheriff resides"
by britishandworried January 27, 2005

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