Formed in 1979, The Vandals quickly became local favorites in the Charlotte, NC music scene and went on to gain national attention on Ed McMahon's precursor to American Idol "Star Search". The band continued to perform, write, and record until they called it quits in the late '80s. In 2004 they reunited for one night only to play at the Reliable Music store reunion party.

The name is under trademark to the band in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The Vandals rock, enough said.
by Claire D. July 24, 2008
Top Definition
awsome underground band who will never sell out to mtv. or i will cry.
coolkid1-do you like the vandals?
coolkid2-hell yeah!
mainstreamkid-who are they? are they on mtv?
coolkids-no. roll over and die, mainstream kid.
by frogirl April 13, 2005
a great band whos probably most famous for peace thru vandalisum
i love the vandals there great
by pat brown April 10, 2005
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