The act of sitting on the palm until it reaches the full numb capabilities then masturbating with the feeling of a foreign palm.
"Holy Shit, I just tried the stranger, and it hurt so good!"
by billy bob adlkfaslfkjasdk May 17, 2008
When you deliberately get your hand/arm to fall asleep -example- like sitting on it for a prolonged amount of time and masturbating with it.
I gave myself the stranger last night!
by edclectic March 29, 2008
To lay on one's arms so as to deny the passage of blood and ultimately loose feeling in the limbs, followed by the act of mastrubation with one said limb and the act of anal insertion of the other.
I gave myself the strangers last night.

Last night, two strangers visited me and today I'm up in arms over the ass hurting I've got.. but also pretty pleased.
by Slimsoj November 18, 2011
beside being a masturbation technique, the stranger is a sex prank

when you're having sex you make sure you're gettin it from the back, she's facing a window, and that one of your buddies is hiding in the closet. about half way through you say "hold on" and this is when your buddy quietly comes out of the closet and puts in when you pull out. then you go outside in front of the window leaving her wondering who's behind her
Charlie pulled the stranger on me yesterday, but i shut the blinds and kept going with his friend
by johnsy November 09, 2008
A popular, free, cultural newspaper from Seattle Washington featuring local news, editorials, arts and music information; and found in nearly every coffee-shop and news stand in the city.

The origins of the Stranger may be a reference to Albert Camus' novel of the same name (in French L’Étranger) however is it also likely to be a reference to a sex act in which one sits on one's hand or arm until it is numb and masturbating.

It is considered by many to be an elite, pseudo-intellectual and liberal source of information and has high activity on its own blogosphere, the Slog.
Jim: Hey, see that hipster over there reading the Stranger?

Alice: Yeah, he must think he's hot shit.

Jim: Oh, wait did your catch Savage Love this week?

Alice: No, let's get a Stranger and check it out.
by StabbyCat18 April 06, 2010
the scariest movie ive ever seen.
joe : have you seen the strangers yet?
Steve : i havn't been able to close my eyes for three days, what do you think.
by hello_ September 17, 2008
first you need to find a room on the first floor that has a large window. then you procede to fuck a girl doggy-style having her face this window. then about half way through you have you friend sneak in to the room and take you place. your friend must make sure that she doesn't notice that she changed partners. then you procede outside. after you get out side just simply stand infront of the window and wave.
Liam) it was just a one night stand how do i show her that i don't want to fuck her any more.
Pete) Give her the stranger
by Kevin Shea August 17, 2006
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