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Used to describe something truly magnificent, "the rock" is a compliment of the utmost honor.
Hey dude, I heart your shoes, they are the rock!
by Scene Kid #2235534363 February 21, 2005
"The Rock" is a term used to describe the Isle of Man, (small country in Britain) usually in an insulting way.
Isle of Man
I can't wait to get off 'the rock', I hate this place.
by A Manx Girl September 13, 2003
1: Nickname of Rikers Island. An island that contains 10 jailhouses(with the same name) and is tecnically located in the borough of the Bronx in NYC, but access is only avilable via a bridge that connects to Queens. Public transportation is avilable via the Q101R, provided by the MTA Bus company.

2: A bunch of other crap that share the same nickname and alias.
Rikers Island is a JAIL, not a PRISON.
by The Marksman July 24, 2005
A crappy radio station that was once good and played rock from the 70s, 80s, 90s and now such as Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Def Leppard, Queen, Van Halen, Nirvana etc

Now plays crappy punk rock, emo, nu-metal and pop
Change the station... please!
by JT September 16, 2004
Island located in the middle of the pacific commonly known as Hawaii
I had to get off the rock for a good education, new political perspective and get laid.
by Hawaiian Jew April 03, 2004
Lord of Strike Force!
The Rock is why Strike Force was created
by The Architect November 15, 2003