Will either frighten the fuck out of you, or will have no effect. If it fails to scare you, you will realise it makes little to no sense. If it does scare you, you will be unable to sleep with the light off for weeks.
by Shtting Dicknipples September 17, 2003
The ring is a description for having diarrhea. It derives from the ring of fire, which means the same.
I got the ring from all the spicy food I ate. Hurts like shit!
by Klarissa506 January 07, 2009
Based on the Japanese film "Ringu", The Ring is a creepy horror movie about a cursed videotape. After the death of her niecce, reporter Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts)investigates the tragic event. After watching the same videotape her niece did, she finds she shall die in seven days. This is how long she has to uncover the secrets of the tape, and save her and many others' lives.
The Ring was released in 2002 and is rated PG13 in the U.S.
by heidi1613 September 11, 2005
One of the scariest movies possibly known to mankind, anyone who says otherwise is probably lying to look 'cool' as i cant imagine any1 thinkin this movie is anything short of terrifying. Admittedly doesnt make much sense, but the freaky effects and the chick coming outta the well...not the sorta thing to watch home alone!
*creeps samara voice* 7 days and 7 nights...
by sugar_honey_iced_tea February 22, 2005
The Ring is a horror movie starring Naomi Watts and other people I can't remember. If horror movies don't bother you, this won't either. However if horror movies frighten you, don't watch it. You will freak out if your t.v. goes to that static screen, or if someone calls you saying "seven days". Normally horror movies don't bother me but this one did.
*girl comes out of tv*
me- hey megan, what are you watching?
megan- The Ring. This movie creeps me out!
by MissCaliBrownie April 08, 2010
The ring is a horror movie... very scary, never watch it alone!!! Samara is very scary looking!
my sister Ja and i watched the ring last night and i couldn't sleep because i kept seeing Samara!
by kelc March 19, 2005
i saw this movie 4 times.. its extrememly scary to watch especially if ur alone n the phone rings right afterwards.... the scariests parts are with samara, comin out of the well n the t.v. i couldnt sleep with the lights off for a week!!!!!!! i think the japenese version is much scarier and more intense...
u only have 7 days, and then u die, but before that u pay ur phone bill, and then.. u see the ring..
by ~``Carolina``~ April 11, 2004
The Ring was forged in Mt. Doom where it belong to the evil lord Sauron.

After he was defeated, the Ring went to Isiludur who was tempted by it and did not destroy the precious ring.

After Isiludur was killed, the ring lay dormant with 2,500 years. When suddenly it went to Smegol, an innocent hobbit who wasn't all quite right in the head. Because of his condition, he immediately felt the presnece of the ring and killed his brother for it. The ring poisioned Smegol's mind bringing out Gollum.

After 500 years of killing Smegol and strengthening Gollum, the ring lost grasp and went to Bilbo Bagins.

And after 60 years, the ring slowly worked it's way into Bilbo's mind and he prepared a journey to Mordor to give back the precious ring. Untill his old friend, Gandalf the Grey stopped him.

As fate would have it, Bilbo's newphew Frodo picked up the ring and it was him and him alone that could possess such a powerful thing.

Because of that he went on a quest to destroy it with his best friend Sam and a fellowship of Hobbits, Men, Wizards, Elves and Dwarfs!
The ring must be destroyed!
by Frodo Bag Feet January 03, 2005

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