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1.a combination of hell and heck. It's worse than hell, but not as bad as heck.

2.What someone says when they almost say hell, but try to stop themselves at the last second by adding a k at the end.
1.What the helk?

2.What the hell-k?
by Ca-Or October 11, 2007
A word that is used instead of hell. "Helk" is a combination of hell and heck
What the helk is going on?
What the helk are you doing
by nightatthemuseam2 June 30, 2009
A replacement word for the curse word "hell."
(while looking at an unknown substance) "What the helk is this?"
by actress88 December 29, 2009
The place were bad celebrities go. Its 30 feet above hell, and 48 times worse.
All celebrities that have sinned go to Helk.
A combination of hell and heck. It's what happens when you don't want to curse but you feel heck isn't enough.
What the helk is that?!
by The oak-ninja May 14, 2011
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