To like him/her over all the rest.
Could pertain to being the one for life...or the one for the moment.
I think he is the one for me.
" The One " means the person who make your heart skip a beat, takes your breathe away, makes you want to sing. You know they are the one when you smile and don't realize it until you think of them, or when you wake up and want them to be there when you open your eyes. The one person who loves you for who you really are, and the one you want to spend your life with.
He is really the one ! Yannick, is truly the one <3

I've never felt like this before, he has to be the one !
by Aye Meh. B. October 18, 2014
the lame name that you give yourself on Myspace when you are contacting the girlfriend of the person you had an affair with while you were pregnant to tell on them.
That girl Crystal created a Myspace page as the one to rat out the person she had an affair with. That was stupid.
by hotchick880 November 30, 2010
Her that girl that you need. The one you let go.
I miss her and I know she is The One
by Nathan-+-+-+- November 01, 2014
The one person your always happy to see and they are always happy to see you. The one could be hard to find but also could be in plain site. The one is the person who is your best friend, your one love, your soul mate. Without this person you find life meaningless and empty. This person opens your heart and fills it with joy and sweeps away any anger or sorrow. It could take time but you will find this person if they're out there. It could take years or decades but that person is out there.
Guy: i think this girls the one, dude

guy 2: how do you know

guy: i have been searching for years and have never felt like this about any other girl...she is so much better than any of them. I better hold onto her. 😍
by CRAZYLOUSE March 19, 2014
The person a little better that what you think you can get.
Henry-"man, you know? i thought she was the one"
Larry-"Hey don't worry about it. You know what the one really is? It's that person a little better than what you think you can get."
Henry-"Yeah, you know what your right!"
by KrnOva September 07, 2006
A mystical, quasi-religious figure, with powers formed by the collective belief that (s)he is The One.
"I'm not the One, sorry. I'm just an ordinary guy."
by Random Guy #fhqwhgads June 19, 2003
As in a "COLD ONE" or "THE PROPERTY OF ONES" somthing i picked up on my travels with Strongbad in Cancun
I had a "COLD ONE" last night, it was a good buuurr!"
by Biggie June 18, 2003

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