The sexual position in which when doing a girl doggy style the man lets go of the woman -- while still thrusting -- and puts his hands on his head. Named after the famous motocross trick, this position is good for both partners. Invented by Big Vern.
When I was doin it doggy w/ Nikki, i let her go and did the nothing. oh MAN did she love it! She started grabbin and scratchin my ass... i juss wanted to pull the pterodactyl right then, but i restrained myself.
by James D Jarvis December 22, 2006
Top Definition
What we might have called the decade we are currently in, the one which followed the nineties.
"Dude, stop living in the nineties. This is the nothings. Get with it."
by Overlord Zurg March 15, 2004
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