The monkey is a primate, which means that it is like a person except smaller, dumber, louder, hairier, and it (in most cases) lives in trees and has a tail. Monkeys are sometimes food for the chimp, a superior animal which enjoys war, fornication, the use of primitive tools, and hooting.

"Monkey" can also be used more broadly in the sense of "ape-like creature" or to refer to a person who resembles such a creature, such as a troglodyte. This is generally an insult (rarely, referring to a silly clownish person, it is not as harsh). In any case, the monkey generally enjoys the following:
-stealing things, especially food
-hurling excrement at people (see also politician)
-comic mischief in general
That monkey stole half my bananas! Yesterday he stole half my melons! The day before, he had his tribe launch a volley of monkeyshit at my customers! I'll get that damn monkey!

A KKK rally is just a bunch of drunken monkeys.

Look, the monkey is making a speech again on TV! He's not very good with English, but maybe he could learn sign language like that gorilla everybody loved.
by jazzriff October 12, 2005
Top Definition
an STD
That nigga got the monkeys from some bitch up the block that everbody fucked raw
by Tiffany November 09, 2003
When having sex with a woman, leave a creampie.
He then proceeds to scoop it out and throws it at her face.
This is not dissimilar to the way a monkey throws feces at its fellows.
"Dude I wanna do the monkey sooo bad after Billy did it to Cindy."
"Yea man, Billy is the greatest."
by Brandywine Over the Moon September 24, 2008
When making babies with your special person, and doing it from behind, the male slowly shits into his right hand. He then pulls out and spits on the chicks back. She thinking he is done will turn around and at that moment he will let out a shriek like a monkey throwing the feces into his partners face, then using his left hand wil finish himself on the floor.
I can't believe Warren gave Andrea The Monkey last night.
by Pont April 10, 2010
Code name for collecting weed when you don't want people around you to know.
Phonecall: 'Yes, the monkey is in the cage"
by PoomPlex October 17, 2007
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