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A guy who can jump no more than an inch off the ground (thank Super Kingio Bros.) and likes butter. He looks like a lumpy marshmallow and tried to lose weight using Strong Bad's exercise tapes.
Dodododododo dodododododo dodododododo dodododododo... King of Town!... Hooray!!!
by Homsar October 27, 2003
An old man who lives in Free Country, USA. He won a fake crown by buying one at the costume shop for equal or lesser value and getting one free. He does little more than eat. He owns The Flamingo.
This is...the th place to be...
by Jonah Rowley April 09, 2005
A fat old fuddy-duddy who has self pronounced himself as the "king of town" and who most people have a temptation to eat due to his marshmallow-like quality.(i REALLY wanna squish 'im!!!)
"Ooohh! A Shtick of butter!" *shlom shlom* "trick-or-treat...again..please"
by me October 18, 2003
A character on He likes to eat a lot. Sometimes he eats his own sheep, which isnt very nice.
by coolpersonyo August 30, 2003
A fat, elderly Santa Clause wanna-be who has no friends because nobody likes him.
"hoo diddy hoo diddy hoo!" said the knig of town, "I want to eat some butter and lard and anything else that will make me even more fat! hoo diddy hoo diddy hoo!"
by the gb5 December 03, 2003
The self-proclaimed King of Freetown USA. The only charater on Homestar Runner. com that no one likes
The King's answering machine: "No one likes you."
by The Catfish August 07, 2003
A character at who seems to have power over the poop smith. The King of Town Rules homestarville with an iron fist and makes sure everyone knows that he is number 1.
by Trogdor July 31, 2003
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