Prepubescent queers that suck at life and attempting to make music. The youngest queer, Nick, dated Hannah fucking Montana...that says it all.
"Hey Joe, look at that guy over there. What a bod!" says the youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick.
"That one over there is even hotter!" said Kevin
by IdOnTlIkEtHeJoNaSbRoThErS September 07, 2008
very small penis+bad music=ancestrial fags
enough said...
Cameron:Did you know that the jonas brothers have a concert soon?

Kyle:Whats a jonas brothers?

Cameron:Its an ancestrial fag group that plays bad music and have very small penises

Kyle:Oh.....happy face =)
by MrFro5000 March 10, 2009
A Disney band of three brothers who are closet homosexuals with tights pants and straightened hair. They produce stiflingly generic music, yet seem to have the impression that they're unique. Their voices are nasally and they moan and groan with every word. Their fans are abominable preteen girls with no taste in music, who scream their braces off whenever one of their songs come on in mall stores. All three of the boys - Nick, Joe, and Kevin - are hopelessly fugly with as much hair on their brows as a gorilla has on its back. I'd rather listen and stare at a gorilla than these douchebags.
Girl: *Gasp!* The Jonas Brothers are so cuuuuuuuute!!! Look at Nick and Joe, oh they're so hot. They make the best music!! They're so unique and amazing and hot and cute and hot and they're just SO talented..."

Man: GAH!! Shut the fuck UP, would you?!
by MGN February 22, 2009
There are four known definitions:-
1) OMJ theyr sooooooooooooo hawt theyre da best musicans EVA n if u dnt lyk em ur jst jelos
2) Synonyms for 'faggot'

3) Talentless boy band that have been ruthlessly exploited by the new Disney to sell sex to young straight girls and gay boys. A stain on the honour of Walt Disney.
4) Synonyms for 'paedophile'
1) "OMJ did u c the Jonas Brothers concert last nite theyre soooo hawt & gorjus etc. ..."
2) "He's such a Jonas Brother, dude."
3) "If only Disney stopped making Jonas Brothers. BRING BACK THE MOUSE MOTHERFUCKERS!"
4) "Oh Lord, that old guy's looking at me weirdly, I hope he's not a Jonas Brother..."
by The Infinite Sadness May 30, 2009
A form of being a gay failure.
- "Dude look at how gay that guy is"

- "At least he isn't The Jonas Brothers"
by The dude who mooed March 01, 2009
The Jonas Brothers were once a popular boy band that was all the rage about two years ago. They were a trio of morons, or three brothers that probably took turns giving eachother blow jobs every night before bed. They would go on-stage and pose with Gibson guitars that they couldn't even play. I mean, why would you need to play them when you could just have a backing band do it for you? They sing like they're constipated, they write cliche cheesy lyrics that the tweenie-bop mongoloids just went batshit crazy for. However, like all shitty products of Disney, they fell and faded away about a year ago and will most likely never come back. That is a good thing.
Last year, I always hoped that the Jonas Brothers would crash into a telephone pole while they were in their car having butt sex. Now a year later, that wish has sort of come true...except they aren't dead. Damn!
by Marco K. June 01, 2010
a bunch of butt buddies
You guys are like the jonas brothers
by efewf34 September 15, 2009
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