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A much better Disney Channel animated series that delivers a fresh twist to many familiar plots with endearing characters (Candace Flynn is a hilarious parody of stereotypical teenage girls) and off-kilter humor.
Boy: What did you think about "Phineas and Ferb"?
Girl: OMG That show is very hilarious especially Candace Flynn who is a parody of teenage girls.
by Tarrank February 13, 2010
One of the most terrible bands of our time. Never compare them to other acclaimed bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Cheap Trick, U2, etc. If annoying fangirls compared them to any to the bands mentioned above, they all must be joking.
Fangirl: The Jonas Brothers reminded me of Cheap Trick because of their gutar solos.

by Tarrank October 31, 2009
One of Disney's worst movies ever for 5 specific reasons:

1. A overly predictable and cliched plot taking too much from High School Musical.

2. Cliched stereotypes like the blonde diva, the burnette outsider, and the cute but cocky pop star who is spoiled but changes.

3. No real rock music (there's is a universal form of Rock music that just guitar solos and how loud it is.) but bubblegum pop and lip-synching and worst of all, no instrument playing.

4. The great way to mask the realities of rock music (mostly sex and drugs, but that generic) to make sure their target audience are safe using the Jonas Brothers and unoriginal stars.

5. Disney has finally losing its originality and growing on greed and plot formulas from their past shows and movies.

If you want to see a real rock and roll movie see "Rock & Rule" or better yet "Almost Famous". Avoid it like the plague. Don't fall into the band wagon.
Realistic Boy: What's your favorite rock movie?
Stereotypical Girl: Camp Rock. What's yours?
Realistic Boy: Rock & Rule and Almost Famous.
Stereotypical Girl: WTF?!
by Tarrank February 13, 2010
the worst show on the planet. No original ideas, overused stereotypes like that "cute boy", and a very overused laugh track. Avoid it like the plague.
Girl: let's watch "As the Bell Rings".
Boy: I would feed myself to the sharks that watch that evil show. Disney has gone too far.
by Tarrank October 24, 2009

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