A stupid boy band that came up from the far reaches of hell to spread evil music and seduce young 10-16 year old girls to liking them, even though they know they suck music wise, they still think that they still portray looks that thrill them even though the common girl would say that they are not that attractive looking and that they're fake just like the jerk that the usual girl has dated in her lifetime.

The fan usually does this in a post like this:

1) Speak out in rage that the person doesn't like them that everyone should like them though they can't see that they have a thing called "opinion" and that they don't know what it means cuz they are young.

2) Tell the person that they are jealous of their talent and hotness, and the answer is usually "why would i be jealous of a band that stinks as much as they are, and they aren't that good looking"

3) The fan finds themselves with no good comebacks so they can only use the example in #2 because they know they can't win.

4) Tell the person that they are the greatest band in the world, that they are cute, hot, kind, sweet, and talented, even though they can't really name another band that they also like other than them. Though they can say that even though there are more than 100 bands that rock more than them, try giving The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Queen a listen and then you'll realize that you were too stupid to realize that you are too shallow in the realm of music.
Girl 1: OMG! I love the Jonas Brothers they're so hot and talented

Guy: riiiiiigggghhtttt.... no they aren't talented and they aren't that hot looking.

Girl: But they're the greatest band in the world, they are so hot and talented.

Guy: Not even by a long shot, let alone getting your ears bleeding to their god awful sound and voices.

Girl: They're voices are amazing, your jealous!

Guy: Come on, can't you think of anything better than that, i've heard better comebacks than a toaster.
by Tom11983 August 03, 2008
One of the worst bands ever formed in the history of the world.

An insult to music, these assholes are worshiped by 12-year-old girls worldwide, who will "attack" you on the internet if you insulted the "perfect Jonas hotties."

Their attacks consist of:

They are typical Disney boy band shit, that deserves to die.
The Jonas Brothers are the worst band in history.
by greenpeas August 19, 2009
Three sexually confused brothers, who have no talent whatsoever.
They also are extremely unattractive and llok nothing alike.
Ew Hannah Montana is almost as bad as the Jonas Brothers!
by Bethy Ramone October 06, 2008
Three low life fags that suffocate their dicks with ass tight pants.
The Jonas Brothers are puke-worthy. As if one wasn't bad enough, there has to be 3.
by LameMuch? February 16, 2009
A group of homosexuals who banded together after they were thrown out of the Republican National Convention in 2004. They decided that it was time for them to spread their gay message with gay songs and gay lyrics. They are fond of performing homoerotic acts on stage, such as penis-fencing and singing remixed ABBA songs with their whiny voices.

It is a generally accepted truth that Disney CEO Robert Iger decided to support the group after the jonas brother with the caterpillar eyebrows slept with him and performed sex acts that aren't even found in the Kama Sutra or Maxim's 365 Days of Sex Mini Calendar.

Like Hannah Montana, they are Disney RoboCo. androids that have replaced their genitals with I Love Mickey tracking-devices/antennas.
fan girl: liek omg i like totally love the jonas brothers. especially like the one with the fugly like caterpillar eyebrows! They make me think of butterflies!

Sensible gentleman: Fuckwad. They're already butterflies.

Fan girl: I hope they'll have secks with me!

sensible gentleman: HI! Skullfucker, they're gay! Besides, they don't have penises: they have DisneyTracker2000s in their crotches.
by Sensible Gentleman September 03, 2008
A terrible band that was overly commercilized by Disney, even though they have no talent. Most people interested in the jonas brothers are mostly 7-12 year olds with no lives and no taste in good music.
OMG MY EARS!!!! What are you playing, the jonas brothers???

John is such a man slut, I think he is a jonas brother
by MaiaC December 15, 2008
Fuckheads with no musical talent whatsoever, who are similar to Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus in three different ways.

1. They have no talent.
2. They continue to destroy music in America.
3. They are women.

They are posers who stink at the guitar.
Idiotic 8 year old Jonas Brothers Fan: I love the Jonas Brothers!
True Metallica/Guns and Roses/Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin fan: You're an idiot, little girl. You have no clue about music, and neither do any of the Jonas Brothers fans from ages 8-16.
by thecrazymonkey April 09, 2009
Fags in tight pants
"Hey! Did you hear the Jonas Brothers' new song?"
"Oh! Don't you mean the Fags in tight pants' new song?"
by YourMothersafaggot Fosho October 18, 2008

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