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His crib is all up in the cuts.
by Flapjack April 07, 2003
12 25
Backwoods/sideroads, usually in a forest area, that a car will drive on. Usually for a trip in a vehicle for the sole purpose of smoking pot(usually blunts or joints) on said roads.
Dude 1: Hey man what do you want to do
Dude 2: Let's light one and get on the cut
by DaddyMamu May 29, 2007
72 86
describing the awesomeness of a person, place, event or thing. can also be used interchangeably with "what's up"
a. man that party last night was the cut

b. alright, guys heres the cut
by thisdoesntmatter October 22, 2010
19 72
Commonly used phrase meaning,
"Whats the cut?"
by Tayluhhh(: January 27, 2011
8 73
prison,jail,the big house,the pen ect ect
"my boy hung himself, string himself up over at the cut"

bodie - the wire
by dontae hill July 13, 2005
32 105
A phrase used by the young people of the 20th century to discribe something being indobibly brillent and correct in the situation.
Its The Cut Man. It is the cut what we are doing
by James josph Croteau February 12, 2008
16 95
Nickname for CONNECTICUT
aka, the richest, most educated best located state in the country. Jersey is the Dirty dirty. Connecticut is the CUT.
"Oh, you're from the dirty dirty?"


"Well. I'm obviously better than you...I'm from the CUT."
by ABizzy46 November 12, 2007
26 116