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this is the only movie that really had a hot lead character. eric draven with makeup rules and every guy shud look like him. i love him \\ m //
"victims....arent we all?" *STAB!*
"a whole jolly cluster of jolly pirae nicknames!"
by RED May 07, 2004
my favorite movie of all time. erik draven and his fiance, shelly webster were murdered by a gang the night before halloween. however, eriks soul could not rest. a crow brought it back to earth and into erik so he can get revenge. its also flecked with humor. not to mention erik is hot. also, there is sarah. shelly and erik took care of her because she had a shitty mom. important things: erik is invincible, he cant die. erik changes sarahs mom to a decent woman. all the people who helped murder erik and shelly die. SPOILER ALERT erik does die at the end. he only lives for two days after he is brought back. NO MORE SPOILERS. erik is portrayed by the legendary brandon lee, who died in the making of the film. the last scenes of the movie was his stunt double, whos face was digitally changed to make it look like brandon. its not just a violent movie, its a emotional. there are parts where erik touches something that holds a memory and you see him and shelly in love. the ending makes me cry every time.
when the people we love are taken from us, the only way to keep them alive is never stop loving them. buildings burn, people die, but when love proves true, it never dies. -sarah

funboy(one of the murderers)(after finding out erik is invincible):jesus christ....
erik:jesus christ? stop me if youve heard this one. jesus christ walks into a hotel.
(funboy shoots him again) erik: ow. he gives the inkeeper three nails and asks.
funboy(after shooting erik again):dont you ever fucking die??
erik: can you put me up for the night? -erik draven and funboy
all in the crow
a person and/or object who lacks common social mannerisms and also does not use any FDA approved hygiene products, ever.
Person 1: Hey you smell really bad, are you the crow?

The CRoOWw: It is probably because I do not use any FDA approved hygiene products, which would eliminate the constant musty odor that congregates around my axillary regions, being that I am, the crow.
by THE CRoOWw July 31, 2011
A horribly overatted movie with a horrible lead actor the movie had no body mad weak acting all around except for michael wincott a cult following only for a bunch of emos and goth wannabes
The Crow Fucking Sucked
by Crack Cocaine Man March 04, 2009
a movie starring brandon lee... that absolutely sucked balls. I watched the movie on fast forward saying out loud what was going to happen, then watching it happen. Its depressing that the son of a great man had to die from a dummy bullet and that he died such a crappy movie.
guy 1: DUDE DID U SEE "THE CROW"????

guy 2: yea dude, it sucked major balls
by K_Bomb February 12, 2007
One of the worst movies i have ever seen....terrible acting and story. Brandon lee sucks ...i dont care if hes dead , he was a bad actor
Joe: did you see that movie "the crow"
Bob: yeah it really sucked ass
by deadmanwalking May 06, 2005