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A sexually transmitted disease that's medical name is very hard to spell.
If the wind's right, she'll clap you out from a block away.
by Jesus January 17, 2003
getting stuck in Halo while melee a person
guy 1: " i killed him"

Guy 2: but you caught the clap get away from me"
~Guy 1 explodes~
by King sicksKILLs July 10, 2008
An awesome song by the band Yes. Steve Howe is amazing.
props to anyone who can play The Clap
by shnozzleberry macphereson April 12, 2006
The term revered the applause which accompanied intercourse with the most experienced partners. Fairly enough, this scholarly experience in "doin the nasty" made those individuals all the more susceptable to contracting gonorrhea. so it was said "If you clap after sex, chances are, you got the clap."
"After spending the most eventful of nights knocking boots with this lovely hoe, I smaked dat budunkadunk all night and after I was done I clapped with delight and satisfaction. To my horror, the next morning the applause stopped when I had realized that in clapping after sex, I had subconsciously qued my body to spontaneously contract the clap. It was like saying the majic word. Except my penis and anus were vomiting out green puss."
by Nappy Dave August 27, 2007
The emotionally scarring sound made when a man with a very loose sweaty nutsack proceeds to thrust while wearing loose pants, or no pants at all, to make his nuts "clap" against his asscheeks.
*odd repetitive clapping noise in distance*
Jesse-"Do you guys hear that?"
Mike- "Hey everybody listen to this!"
*Everyone turns head, Mike performs the clap*
Mike- "Sweetass isnt it?!"
by Jesse & Frank August 08, 2006
When you pick up a nail from an unlucky poke.
Clip, clap -- who cares, as long as you got your health?
by octopod March 03, 2004
an std that you get when someone claps *only* twice at your meat pocket or magic stick. toget rid of this unfortunate but common disease, you have to 'wipe' it off of your pink cookie or exploding pickle and clap twice at the other person; or whoever you want to get the clap (gonnorhea).
mack: hey, kyle!
kyle: yes?
mack: *clap clap*
kyle: awwww... i just got the clap!
by the masked pineapple March 30, 2005