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Oi Oi Oi!

Street punk where you belong. They say thier right you know there wrong. Bored on the street theres nothing to do. Everyday your taken for a fool. Reject you dont fit in. They beat you down, but you never give in. Never had a proper wage, no future, no job, and always told your just a lazy slob. I may have nothing but i shine twice as bright as you. I know whats wrong and i know whats right. So stick your city job and your suberban wife. Looking at you i love my life.

Oi! The Business
by Bateman October 18, 2004
It's what's going on I'ts what's happening
That party last night was the business. That new outfit I bought is the business
by "D" Dog August 20, 2005
Slang term for sex. Also, an english Oi!/Punk band.
Whats all that moaning? Sounds like someones doing the business...
by mikey misconduct January 22, 2004
The act of having sex with a female.
Last night, i gave my girl the business!
by Matthew Hamilton April 18, 2008
1. A phrase pertaining to the level of coolness of an object (I.e person, place, place or thing).

2. A substitute phrase for words such as "cool", "tight", "awesome" etc. etc.
"Dude, that basketball game was the business."

"Bro, check out that girl, shes the business."

"That was the business!!"
by wezley1111 January 09, 2008
When you give someone "the business" you make them feel like a complete fool. You don't just give them a talking to, you leave them feeling like a fucktard
If she steals my lipstick again I'm going to give her the business
by Coco chenille May 26, 2006
1. to "know" someone in the biblical sense.

2. Awesome, sweet, sick, bad, wicked, groovy, cool, kewl, nice, tight, bad mother.

3. A stern talking to, a lecture.
1. "And Adam gave the business to Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain."

2. Fight Club is the business!

3. a. My boss just sent me a nasty. I think he's gonna give me the business in person next.
3. b. Dude, that chick keeps coming in late. I think I am going to have to give her the business about it.
by Grymm Deth February 02, 2010
a way to say "the shit" without sounding like a complete faggot and mainstreamer
"I'm the business"

"Get out of the way guys, here comes THE BUSINESS"
by Sarmen Sinanian October 06, 2006