The boss is a character out of Metal Gear Solid 3 . She is the mentor of naked snake and becomes a traitor against the U.S
A character of MGS 3
by Scannerfish November 27, 2004
your master in a certain situation. may really bust you balls if he smells your fear or sees that he can bitch you around to relieve himself of his stress or to relieve himself sexually from the feeling of being superior
the boss: Where is my coffee
employee: you didnt ask for one
the boss: like hell i didnt
employee: (under breath) asswipe
by ellz0rzzzz September 02, 2006
Video Game Character, Hardest and LAST enemy in a particular level
Mario battles with Bowser
by Zacrobtho May 09, 2005
The act of receiving a rim job and proceeding to make out with the female afterwards.
Did you hear Daniel pulled "The boss" on Stacey?!
by Sgt Cynical June 25, 2011
Jovito Christian Bada
Dude, have you ever met The Boss?
by Christian Bada December 04, 2004
The penis because it often tells a guy what to do and think.
The boss made me fuck that woman.
by Deep blue 2012 October 02, 2009
The Boss is ofcourse Garret Oswald, He grinds with all the girls and jesse zellers is jelous of his pretty boy swag, Garret has Done stuff with many girls and has a few kids and pretty much is a complete pimp!
Garret The Boss
by bob suntain October 16, 2010

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