Used to mean something's cool. Popularized in the 1970s by radicals who commonly believed their communications were wiretapped, "the bomb" was said to be a trigger word that would call special attention to their communication. Hence, adding it to the end of a story would cause the story to be read by intelligence agencies
Yo, check out this youtube vid. It's the bomb.
by bjangles February 01, 2009
1. An expression referring to a certain person as being very cool and exciting. Normally said by teenaged boys trying to impress their friends and/or the 'cool' person to whom their are referring. Replace 'The' with 'Da'.

2. The reason America is currently in power.
1. "Dude! Stacey is Da BOMB!" (This statement must be accompanied with several gangsta hand gestures)

2. Clearly having The Bomb didn't stop George Bush.
by Too Much Time to Waste October 27, 2007
A weapon in the possession of the United States, powerful enough to achieve anything in the government's wildest dreams and wipe cities off the map. Has only been used a couple of times sixty-odd years ago and we all know how that ended. If they ever feel the inclination to use it again we are all up shit creek without a paddle.
I dunno why we haven't just used the bomb on Eye-rack yet, save us the trouble and shut 'em up for good.
by Koko the monkey November 10, 2007
Possibly the best weapon used during World War II.
The Bomb refers to the 2 nukes that were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
When the Yanks dropped the bomb, the Japs were out.
by Byron The Bomb September 26, 2006
'the bomb' is used by the gangs throughout america as a way of describing the larger bag of dope, that contains the majority of the dope.
nigga 1: yo fool u didnt get caught with the bomb?
nigga 2: nah jus a few dub sacks! its cool the bombs back at ma yard
by Bushkin February 13, 2005

A particular explosive devise.
Hurry up, difuse the bomb before this whole place explodes!
by Gaylord Farquahar February 14, 2004
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