A disease of seamen, acquired by going down too far and coming up too fast.
"Have you seen Rachel recently?"

"No, I think she got the bends after hanging out with Michael on his yacht a couple days back."
by Maynard J Keenan October 31, 2009
Top Definition
1. the most badass radiohead CD ever created. its was their second and best
the bends kicks fucking ass
by matt August 06, 2004
N. Decompression sickness, caused when a diver moves from a high-pressure environment to one of low pressure too rapidly, causing bubbles to form in their bloodstream as gases in pressurized, liquid form quickly revert to their natural state. Symptoms include: blotchy rashes, coughing spasms, dizziness, unconsciousness, and a bizarre inability to bend joints (hence, the phrase the bends).
Hours after the inexperienced diver rocketed from 200 feet to the surface of the ocean, he felt ill and discovered he was suffering from the bends.
by Lo September 01, 2004
i just want to say that #3 on the definition list is wrong.
Radiohead did not use 'the bends' as a metaphor for drugs - it was (quite an obvious, i thought) metaphor for their fast rise to the top and how it drove them crazy that everyone suddenly loved them for this one song and their frustration i guess at fake people who just wanted to be with them for their fame.

This is also implied in the EP My Iron Lung (Iron Lung being a metaphor for the song "Creep" incase you didn't catch that).
Where do we go from here?
The words are coming out all weird
Where are you now when I need you?

And who are my real friends?
Have they all got the bends?
by souvie hut February 12, 2009
adj. great, amazing, awesome
As in, "That shit is the bend".
"That shit is amazing".

As in, "That party was the motherf*&^%&@ bend!"
by tigermario September 07, 2006
n. The state of being under the influence of drugs. The term is a metaphor created by Radiohead, comparing the effects of pressure on scuba divers to the effects of drugs on users.
"He looks kinda messed up..."
"Yeah, he's got the bends"

Who are my real friends? Have they all got the bends? -Radiohead
by Rage Hard May 08, 2008
what you get when your gf thinks your penis is a gear shaft and shifts into reverse while on top. it's not broken, it's the bends.
last night was more than a little rough...i got the bends, man.
by mosse April 24, 2006

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