A show, much akin to Dawsons Creek takes place in Orange County, California. It features rich, prima donna kids whining for just about everything all the time. You will never see a non-afflutent non-anglo saxxon person in the show, because they consider themselves "the only pure race". From girl not liking so and so to what can I do to make my yacht shine, the O.C represents a new low in television programming.
Guide to being a tool: Listen to good charlotte, take up the Kabbalah, be emo and watch the O.C.

Hpoefully suicide becomes the next big trend.
by Dr Doom October 30, 2004
Top Definition
Addicting TV show that takes place in a magical world in which all the characters look like models and even the financially strapped characters manage to dress in Gucci. Even with their ginormous mansions and all their possessions, they still have an abundance of problems and drama.
"Let's go watch the OC and then play the Superbowl Halftime show again on TiVo."
"Screw homework, the OC's on."
by anonymous March 10, 2004
TV show full of hot girls and troubled relationships. You know it's on when all the white chicks log off.
"You want to go out with me? Hold that thought for an hour, the OC's on."
by anonymous March 29, 2005
the O.C is orange county located in california, america.

but the show the oc is about drama drama drama!, actors who are 20-25 play kids aged 16 who all have drivers licences and an endless bank account.

their parents sleep around so much its hard to keep up.

and the show is filled with drugs, gay parents, affairs, pregnancys, over doses, alcoholics, punch-on's, sex, tears, school and the main one...DRAMA!.

here in australia it airs tuesday nights, channel 10, 8:30pm
The Orange County, California
by Deanie Weenie! December 05, 2004
Yes, it is addictive, probably inaccurate, and stupid. However, many people (including myself) still love it - that doesn't mean I am trying to pattern my life off of Marissa's, it just means I like the show. So everyone who has nothing better to do than bitch about how it shows the decline of America should find more interesting things to do and realize that everyone is allowed some guilty pleasures; it's only a t.v. show. We all know that.
Miss Mayer 2 U: "(The OC is) A load of crap that illustrates the decline of American society."

Logical Person: "If you allow yourself to be deeply influenced by a show, then yes. But that's your problem."
by badlydrawngirl555 June 24, 2005
A teen drama about rich kids from Orange County, California.They all have "problems", it's some what cheesy but also very addictive. Also the actress who play Marissa is wayyy too skinny.
Seth is rad.

Seth:First, I sailed to Catalina. Then, I sailed to Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, I ran out of snacks. Freaked out a little bit, pawned my boat for cash, took a Greyhound to Portland.
Ryan: You took a bus.
Seth: Yeah. But don't say it like that, cause they're not cool. Have you ever been in one of those? Okay, not for the faint of heart.
Ryan: I can't believe after all that you took a bus.
Seth: Yeah. I think we're definitely going to have to come up with a better story for school though, that'd be good.
Ryan: I don't know, I like the bus idea. I think it's cool.
Seth: Okay, what about maybe... boat sank, saved by whales? It's very Whale Rider.
Ryan: What else you got?
Seth: I took a boat, boat sank, saved by a mermaid? Boat sank, stranded on a desert island...
by Kat November 09, 2004
A show about rich kids living in Orange County but things get shaken up when a poor kid from chino is taken in by the Cohens..a family who live in the o.c. It's drama but it's also very funny because of Seth!
Kirsten: Seth, we need to talk to Ryan.
Seth: Okay. If this has to do with the rug, I just want to tell you that Ryan had nothing to do with it.
Kirsten: What rug?

Sandy: Fellas, do you mind?
Seth: Oh. Uh, if this is about the vase—
Sandy: What vase?
Seth: Hm? Nothing. Let's go, Ryan

Seth: So when you lost your virginity, I was playing Magic the Gathering.
Ryan: You still play Magic.
Seth: Yeah, but not as much
by Jennifer April 20, 2005
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