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A word used by really hip intellectuals to describe the Internet. See also: the Net, World Wide Web.
I'm not sure what the definition of outdated is. Let's look for it on the Information Superhighway!
by TheRabidRhino December 22, 2003
A word used by old computer slaesmen who've never used the internet, but act like they know shit because they caught thier acne faced son surfing for BBW porn a couple of times, and memrised the URL for said BBW porn.
Oh yeah sure Mrs. Adams, I uses the internet thousands o' times. I can tell you the information superhighway is completely free of unsuitable materials. You need a password to get onto tha' stuff, and it costs lots o' money on a credit card. No such thing as hackers neither. There is just one nerd who lives in a garage somewhere in Russia, and this little device will save you from all the bad stuff an'a hackers.
by Banastré August 03, 2004
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