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Mexico's second largest city, around the 4 million people as of 2006.

The city's geography can be divided in:
* East-central: mostly empoverished ghettos, famous locally for the Obregón St., the city's red light district.
* North: a strange blend of ghettos, middle-class houses and upscale neighborhoods. The zoo, the planetarium, the Department of Transit and the Jalisco Stadium are located there.
* South: lots and lots of new middle-class neighborhoods, some ghettos (less than east-central though), a lot of pollution, and the place where you can find the city's biggest hills. The airport is located there, as well as the exit highway to Chapala.
* Far southwest: a little town about to be engulfed by the urban sprawl, and lots of big, posh neighborhoods, two of them in a hilltop. I happen to live in one of them.
* West-central: lots of cafés, restaurants, bars, art galleries, night clubs, furnitures, boutiques and big, tall buildings, as well as a couple of theaters. The best place to go out on a date.
* Eastern: this area is split in two: Tonalá and Tlaquepaque. Both of them used to be smaller towns absorbed by the urban sprawl. You can buy handicrafts here, but you can also go sight-seeing in Tlaquepaque.
* Western: mostly middle and upper class neighborhoods, also home of every single big mall in Guadalajara.
* Downtown: the first place where most visitors go. Visitors usually go there for the awesome sights, events and places, while locals go there because of the San Juan de Dios market (aka "San Johnny"), a place where you can buy smuggled merchandise, pirated CDs/DVDs/console games, cheap staple food, local souvenirs, and bootlegged apparel.
When we came to Guadalajara, we arrived at the airport in the south. First, we went downtown to check out the monuments and buy some movies at San Johnny. Then we moved southbound to Galerías and went shopping. After that, we moved northbound and hung out at the zoo, before going to west-central to a nice little pub. Before leaving, we thought it would be cool to get some hoes, so we moved to east-central and had some really wild sex with the best damn bitches in the world. It was really late already, so we ended up going to far southeastern and staying at my friend's house. Before leaving, we made sure to bring some handicrafts from Tonalá in eastern.
by Da_Nuke August 05, 2006
A cheesy, ebullient, woefully outdated term from the 90's, which means "Internet". Coined when all the people were massively wowed by the sheer awesomeness of the Intertubes. Nowadays in disuse unless you use it for comedy.
"With my brand new computer and the Internet, I have all the information I want within a single click of my mouse! If I want to find out how to look after a cat, I just have to type it in a search site, and WHAM! There it goes! How to buy a car? You can find it! Today's newspaper? You bet! Information for my daughter's chemistry paper? The Internet has it! Want to know about my son on student exchange in Norway? No problem! I just write him an e-mail, click "Send", and my letter travels all the way through the Atlantic and reaches him instantly and for free!"

You heard it: the Internet is the future of computing! Call now, and join the new Information Superhighway!
by Da_Nuke July 15, 2008
When the bottom half of a girl's tits is exposed. Usually used as an otaku term.

Western equivalents include reverse cleavage (upside down), neathage (the nether half), or Australian cleavage (down under).
Otaku: Wow, check Kan'u's shitapai. Just a little pull and her boobs will flop!
by Da_Nuke July 05, 2009
Initials of "Disregard that, I suck cocks", a phrase from 4chan used on the internet when someone wants to take back what he said, e.g. when someone finds out something that contradicts what they previously posted.

Because the initials don't have the swearing explicitly written, this form can be considered more polite than the full phrase.
Alice: I think Bob told this one joke, I'm almost sure about that...

*she finds out Charlie told it, not Bob*

Alice: DTISC, it was Charlie.
by Da_Nuke January 24, 2010
A French AZERTY keyboard, from the fact that typing "keyboard" like it was a standard QWERTY keyboard will result in writing "keyboqrd".

To everyone who is not French, keyboqrds are a massive mindfuck. The differences between an American keyboard and a French keyboard are substantial:
- The official name comes from first keys of the top line, which are AZERTY instead of QWERTY.
- The first two keys of the other two rows are not lucky as well. The middle row begins with QSDF, and the bottom row begins with WXCV.
- The M goes where the semicolon is; the comma, meanwhile, goes where the M is.
- CAPS LOCK is cruise control for numbers: you have to hold Shift or press Caps Lock to write them unless you have a numeric keypad. (This is one reason why desktop replacement computers are popular in France: in part, because they have a numeric keypad).
- Of course, all the punctuation is randomly dithered around the whole place.
- Your password still doesn't works? I've already reset it twice.
- I know, sir, but typing it right with these keyboqrds is pretty hard. I'm still used to American keyboards.
by Da_Nuke November 18, 2009
The antithesis of a genuine muscle car:

A ricer:
- Has a tiny-ass four banger engine. 2.4 liters already qualify as TEH HUEG.
- Has an exhaust that makes the engine sound like it runs on farts instead of gasoline.
- Needs incredible amounts of superfluous bullshit to look remotely cool, which includes poorly manufactured body kits, rear wings that don't provide any actual downforce (or are incorrectly tuned), shit paintjob, and brand decals where only 50% of the brands displayed are actually installed.
- Usually has pretentious clear taillights.
- Has inner workings so delicate they cost a fortune to mantain.
- Has sissy, curvy looks that in the best cases look like a lame rip-off of an European supercar. Emphasis on "best cases".
- Is driven by a person who thinks his shit car is on par with real Detroit muscle.

A muscle car:
- Has a humongous V8 engine. Even 5 liters qualify as small.
- Has an exhaust that makes the engine growl like an angry dragon.
- Only needs a rear wing, a slotted hood, and maybe a little paint job to look cool.
- Does fine with stock taillights.
- Can be fixed by your mom.
- Has manly, angular looks that are actually authentic.
- Is driven by a person who knows he's driving the real shit.
A ricer? You mean, the Corolla from that boy who ended up giving me his college loan? Here, let me show you. See all these tally marks? I have one for each ricer kid my Dodge Challenger has beaten.
by Da_Nuke January 08, 2009
The Mexican equivalent of the American projects.

In theory, these INFONAVIT units go by the showy name of "subsidized social housing", and their theoretical function is to provide an affordable dwelling for working-class Mexicans. Based on Le Corbusier's pretentious bullshit about high-density urbanism and organization, these units exist supposedly to give thousands of Mexicans a place to live.

In practice, these places are dirty fucked-up holes of crime, poverty and social decay, packed to the limit with cholos, whores, crack dealers, wife-beating machos, and teenage couples. No self-respectable Mexican ever dares entering these dens of corruption, lest chances are they will get robbed, beaten up and gang-raped. This situation has gone so far, the term "INFONAVIT unit" is nowadays a synonym for "ghetto".
The largest INFONAVIT units in Guadalajara are El Sauz and Las Fuentes. Be especially careful with the latter, as it sits right in the middle of an important bus route exchange. If you absolutely have to ride through one of these places at night, keep your windows up, your doors locked, and never let the speed meter drop below the 120 km/h!
by Da_Nuke July 10, 2008
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