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This is the guy who still thinks it's 1995 or whatever year he peaked in high school. This is the guy who no doubt shat his pants at some point in grammar school because he has been forever recovering; it's all about being 'cool'. This is the guy with some sort of pathetic 'please accept me my dad hated me' complex so i'm gonna fuck my way to the top of the food chain; feel important, valued,and loved.

He'll know how to drink like there's no tomorrow

(so as to kill whatever brain cells that might otherwise bring him back to earth at some point during his supposed 'manhood')

You will find this guy out and about (party harty charlie) yet his name won't be charlie, chuck maybe, but not charlie

He will be socially acceptable until the teacher of time slaps his ass a bar fly stool, where he will congregate with other bar flies; hammered and feeding off the pile of shit they call a past.
Can you believe Jerry asked me to go out during the work week to get shit faced and pick up pussy?!

Sure. He's the social player who can't play alone.
by polydactylsix June 07, 2011
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