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An infamous porn tape. Introduced to the world in Dane Cook's HBO show, Tourgasm.
I spank the monkey to the red tape.
by Nate X. August 14, 2006

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a certan punishment in the military where it is currently unknown but durring WWII aparently very bad w the red army but it is just something you wanna avoid at all costs (some even commit suicide)
Military commander: i carried out my orders, i sent in all of my boys...but the german engulfed us....they has artiliry, aircraft, tanks...and me, what did i have...

Krushtev: a sacred duty to resist!.......perhaps youd prefer to avoid the red tape.
*slides a torkev to him on the table*

military commander: *takes pistol* *BANG!*
by Raven M 203 June 02, 2010