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Nickname given to Karl Malone, former power forward for the Utah Jazz of the NBA and one of the game's 50 Greatest Players. The name was given to him in college by a sportswriter who covered Malone's Alma Mater, Louisiana Tech.

Malone would play 18 seasons for the Utah Jazz and would become the second leading scorer in NBA history before retiring in 2005. He was well known around the league as "The Mailman" because he always seemed to deliver amazing performances.
"The Mailman had a special delivery for the Golden State Warriors last night, going off for 46 points and 13 rebounds."

"The Mailman is the most physical player in NBA history."
by Thunder DG April 11, 2008
A daring sexual act involving a moving vehicle. Much like "road-head", the receiver sits in the seat while the deliverer pleases him orally. The only difference is that the receiver is in the passenger seat, reaching over to steer the vehicle (much like a mailman on the job).
"We drove down to the Kenny Chesney concert, and on the way back i almost ran us into a semi while my gal was giving me The Mailman. The other people in the carpool were frightened"
by moopsaur December 23, 2013
A man who always delievers in the clutch.
Sports-related mostly.

This could also refer to Karl Malone...but not anymore since hes washed up.

Mailman-Big man on Campus
"Hey Billy, did you know they call me the mailman because all i do is deliever babyy.
by The Prime Time Performer April 10, 2009
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