usually pertaining to video games most seen in shooter games.someone who gets in the action during the middle when people are already dying.the janitor or designated player finishes or kills off all the dying players
Your a cheater Billy always being the janitor!
by Kevin Nielsen August 10, 2006
Top Definition
when a girl is giving u a blow job and just as u are about to ejaculate you pull your dick out and jizz all over the ground. then u mollywhop her until she is unconscious and mop it up with her hair. then you throw her down a flight of stairs.
Jim: Wow, Jake. You really gave her the Janitor.

Jake: Yea, well i wasn't gonna gonna mop it up.
by the jjjjanitor April 15, 2011
The creepiest person on the planet. Has an expressionless face most of the time, you might see him in your cafeteria. He is always hiding something, and once you find out what it will wish you never knew........
I stalked the janitor at his turns out that behind closed doors, he is a satanist!!! I couldn't believe my eyes :O
by anti_asshole January 09, 2013
When you shit on a bitch then you piss on her chest to clean it off like a fuckin janitor in the cafeteria cleaning up some little kids puke
I had this dirty bitch that was so nasty that she told me to shit on her then clean it off with my piss, like I'm the janitor from school, fuckin cunty whore
by Cennams February 02, 2007
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