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1) a legal point, question, or matter that is in dispute or litigation

2) a nickname for the biggest douche in law school, similar to the gunner
-- 1) The Judge addressed the issue of whether women should be allowed to vote.

-- 2) "Who is that fucking loser who keeps raising his hand in class?" "Oh, that's just some fag who thinks he's 'the issue'."
by Big Freeze UFL January 31, 2010

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1. The subject of dispute in an adversarial legal system.

2. The subject of dispute in a sex starved, estrogen fueled, female dominated law school section.
slam piece:"IS THAT CHUCK NORRIS in a camp shirt?
bitch: Hell no, thats the issue!
skank: I thought he was a ninja?
chick: He's just a guy that sweats testosterone, drops panties, and fucked the gunner's gf.
by The Dissent February 04, 2010