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taking 3 inhales off of a smoking device.
typically cigars or cigarettes with small groups.
Derived from the late great Dale Earnhardt, Sr.
let's intimidate the blunt, dog.
This blunt is going to know me as the intimidator.
by theWellDweller February 19, 2008
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Where a person inserts one finger in a woman's vagina whilst two fingers enter her anus.
Lovingly Known As:
One in the pink, two in the stink.
One in the fun, two in the bun.
(just reverse all of the sayings for the shocker)
"Ready for the intimidator, honey?"-Man
"What's 'the intimidator'?"-Woman
"You'll see."-Man
Man inserts fingers in their proper places....
"OOH! That was intimidating."-Woman
by nTimID8r September 09, 2005
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