sweet pimp ass movie about skateboarding...biggest movie pimp ever "Sweet Lou"...sweet lou rules!!!
Yo dude did you catch THE GRIND last night?...man Sweet Lou is fucking awesome!!!...

Sweet Lou: hey wanna make out??
Girl: Sure!!!
by you know it December 31, 2004
being on the job, hustlin
naw man. i gotta be on my grind.
by yay area baby May 28, 2005
1.) The daily struggle. The reason why it is hard out here for a pimp. Putting your mind through it makes the weekend worth it so you can go fishing with your momma bros, bro bros, and bros-in-law. Obstacles such as the PoPo, haters, and elderly people can prevent you from rocking out with your cock out, but that is what makes it "the grind."

2.) A dance made popular by the Puerto Ricans, also know as Perreo, which is Spanish for "doggystyle dancing." It is the act of simulating sticking your stick into a swamp donkey. Bitches love it.
It's Monday... back to The Grind, bitch where's my sandwich, is it Friday yet?

Willie busted out The Grind at the Mother-Son dance last night on Feester's mom, the kid is a legend.
by Mike Div May 12, 2010
It's real.
The grind. It's real man.
by Osinful April 09, 2013
noun: 1. The mindset of endeavoring to accomplish any and all things which will ultimately lead to the acquisition of sex or sexual activity from a member of the opposite sex, esp. of the promiscuous type.
2. Any and all activities which seek to accomplish and/or lead to the acquisition of sex, most of which are done without regard to anything else but the end result.
"Hey, man, I can't talk right now, I'm on the post-club Grind!" "The Grind don't stop for anything...not for sleep, food, work...not for anything!" "All I do is Grind 24/7!"
"The Grind Don't Stop, it Can't Stop, it Won't Stop!!"

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