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The one guy/girl of the group who always seems to ramdomly hook up at a social event. Usually leading to that person getting left at the party due to them playing toncil hockey in some hidden location.
Where'd Drew go?

I don't know, last time I saw him he was talking to the new girl...

Great he's pulled a Sweet Lou, now he's gone forever!
by Andrew Joy November 11, 2007
The act of kissing a stranger with little or no verbal communication beforehand. Derived from the character Sweet Lou from Grind who seduces women in such a manner.
Man, What did you say to that girl? Nothing, I just made eye contact, sat next to her and gave her the Sweet Lou.
by Dajokah December 31, 2010
Handshake from the movie Grind; one person holds their hand palm-down while the other holds it underneath the first palm-up. The hands are slid back towards their bodies, NEVER making contact, and the process is then repeated in the opposite position.
In the movie Grind, where Sweet Lou greets Matt. They do the handshake. It's wicked cool.
by Wooden Wings June 12, 2008
1)The act of making very queer noises or words. 2) When your a complete retard you are a sweet lou. 3) Person with a queer shaped head
Andy - "Nahhhh, crazelburgh, na higenpitz, neee ha"

All - "Sweet Lou shut the fuck up. Honestly you are a god damn retard."
by NJC April 02, 2005
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