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any distance that must be travelled by foot to buy weed. doesn't particularly have to be a mile, but will feel like one to the participants, as they will probably be stoned into their sofas.

as a result, the green mile is often a very daunting task for anyone that must travel it.
brian : roll another one then mate
terry : we're all out bruv, fancy walking the green mile?
brian : do i fuck
by MrCasual January 06, 2011
The act of being forced to walk a seemingly very long hallway or corridor after the flagulance of another person is still fresh in the air, with the gas being trapped and concentrated within its small envelope.
" I had to walk the green mile to get to My apartment Tonight; I don't know Who it was or what They ate!"
by goldslinger November 10, 2009
Any of the main streets in Britain's city centres, void of any greenery and usually culminating in a concrete shopping centre so dire you want to kill youself.
Come walk 'the green mile' in Birmingham. Broad Street is a happy and enjoyable place to get beaten up on a friday night, and ends in an entertainment complex suitable for all the family.
by pietrzap March 13, 2007
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