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A mythical creature that is rumored to roam the wilds of the South East of England. The fuggerung's visage is reportedly so hideous that any would-be traveller/challenger who has encountered the beast has rarely returned to tell his tale.

Those that do return are driven mad by the horrors of the fuggerung, and when asked as to what they saw can only twist their face into a cruel distortion of their normal figures. This condition is often referred to as Man-this-soup-is-hot syndrome.
"Oh, I am now a weary traveller, but I have ye one more question. What has become of Sir Thomas of Cheriton?"
"Why good sir, he is never seen again. For he has seen the fuggerung, and is mad with terror!"
by cornholio November 09, 2004
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Derived from early Greek mythology. A beast so ghastly to behold that grown men have shat themselves with fear. A modern day translation from Latin would be "hideous kiddeous".
bend ova, touch ur toez ;)
by xyz November 16, 2004

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