this band kicks royal ass...
i love the foo fighters
by T0m March 05, 2004
foo fighters are the most kick ass band ever! frontman dave grohl(coolest guy who ever lived and former drummer of nirvana), bass player nate mendal, guitarist chris shiflet, and drum play taylor hawkins make the greatest foursome that ever lived. jess loves the foo fighters, so you should too. yes.
1. dave grohl is jess's secret lover.

2. foo fighers kick every other bands' asses!!!!!!!!
by Jess. June 02, 2005
A mistake. Kurt Cobain would frown upon them.
Ignorant "Music Fan" I love the Foo fighters!!

Realistic music fan: Dude, the Foo Fighters suck.
by Jimothy Slaps October 25, 2011

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