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The rule stating that unless you can put your arms around a girl, hug her, and are able to tougch your own elbows, the girl is to be discarded and a new one should be found.

Freinds of drunk freinds should learn to apply this rule when drunk vision makes the drunk freind envision the unworthy girl who is 50 pounds less than she is.

and of course use common sense too. if you are apporaching midget size, vida guerrera wouldn't fit so midgets can use the finger rule. And Yao ming's can use the bicep rule.

p.s. if the girl is a hog beast then the rule no longer applies and for your dignities sake you should find another girl.
After careful examination of the elbow rule i realized that wendy, whom i had been going out with for 2 years, did not apply as a good candidate and therefore, it was imperative to dump her on the spot with no reason why.

by D-man12 October 27, 2007
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