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The act of briefly performing unsafe sex, typically with only the first few inches of the penis and for under three seconds. The (quite possibly, misguided) theory being that this minimises the chance of contracting STDs or unwanted pregnancy.
It can't be mine, I only did the dip.
by complier October 13, 2008
A state of depression very hard to climb out of.
The Dips kept me inside all weekend.
by Bl00m. July 06, 2013
an activity performed by strippers whereby the dancer crouches down over a male patron's lap and briefly pops her stanky vagina over his exposed cock.
I went to Juliet's last night and that old, anorexic stripper gave me the dip! i only had to slip her a single.
by bone nigger September 22, 2010
action black girls tend to give when showing there looking for some. usually you will see them turn there booty to you and touch there toes and make a waving action up until they've reach regular posture. after seeing this most men or women will be able to see waht the lady's trunks all about.
Derrick: yo maynn did you see shanequia give kanye the dip?
Akon: naw mayn i bet he got hard after gettin' that trunk in his junk.
Derrick: maynn i wish i could be him rightabout now.
by klabinator November 28, 2006
somthing awesome .
that shirt is ' the dip '
by toriaxo February 20, 2009
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