A news satire show that jumped the shark after the 2004 election but nobody likes to admit it.

It's not a shitty show by any means, but it's overrated, and its limp-wristed commie fanboys should all be kicked in the nuts.

Some people, also known as "major contributors to the downfall of America", actually use it as their only source of news. No, you stupid faggots, it is not the only reliable news source, because it is on fucking Comedy Central. Jesus Christ, even Jon Stewart knows this.
Me: Even great things like The Daily Show can be ruined by morons.
by o_rly_factor September 02, 2005
A fake news show on Comedy Central that was once really quite funny, similar to Weekend Update on SNL. However, it steadily became less and less about general news and on-location segments with crazy people, and instead became more and more about just politics, until it was little more than left wing propaganda and frankly not even remotely funny. This change was largely due to the application of the Jon Stewart formula.
Man1: Do you remember when The Daily Show used to be funny?
Man2: Just barely. I have some very foggy memories in the back of my head of what The Daily Show was like before it started sucking bigtime.
#jon stewart formula #jon stewart #hack #overrated #sheep #anti-funny #red state blue state #red state #blue state #bill maher
by klopek007 March 06, 2010
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