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a game where you say that you are giving "the box" to someone. the purpose of the box game is that no matter who you give the box to -including yourself- the first person to make a sound has the box.
the box game

female #1: I have the box and i give it to myself. who has the box.
female #2: *snickers*
male #1: she has the box
female #1: i have the box and i give it to *points* you. who has the box.
male #2: you have the box.
male #1: no you have the box
by irwangutang January 15, 2009
The box game is played between two people, where the goal is to make the other person say the word "box" or words with box in it.

Who ever says the word "box" has to put out for the other person.
What is the day after Christmas day?

Boxing day.

The Box Game
by Naki_1jz October 03, 2012
The act of jumping up into the back of a loaded truck and pushing the boxes to the back instead of actually helping unload it.
John decided to play the box game instead of helping to carry the couch.
by Knock Brackney June 16, 2010
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