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A distinct feeling towards a white male. A higher percentage of asians partake in the ugh. It seems to be a common approach by the asian female. Usually results in a creation of various nicknames for the 'ugh' of interest. These nicknames will most likely have nothing to do with the person either. Feelings toward the person can last anywhere from 1-4 weeks.
M.Ba (asian)- whoa, did you just see that new teacher?! his bone structure was so fucking hot.
majjj (best friend)- Omg, you so have the "ugh" for him.
Asian- right?! nickname asap.
majjj- okay. how about "honeycombs"?
Asian- perfect. hmm I wonder if honeycombs has a girlfriend...
majjj&Asian- "AHHH Suki Suki!"
by M.Ba January 18, 2009
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