A mixed drink created by David Larry that consists of Lime Vodka, Sprite, and Cranberry juice. It is to be shaken and strained into a glass.
Gosh Will, your government girl just made some That Time of the Month and it tasted delicious!
by TheMan6789 November 28, 2006
Top Definition
The time when a women has her period.
"God is she bitchy tonight. It must be that time of the month"
by Dana Mix August 17, 2003
to ride the crimson river
nuff sed, but gotta make example longer
by gorillaman65 February 03, 2005
An excuse used by women in order to get by with whatever they want
Zach:So Sarah whats up with you and Cody?
Zach:Ummm, Sarah?
Sarah:SHUT THE FUCK UP!(Sarah punches Zach in the face, Zach is on the floor bloody)
Mimi:Sarah! look what you did! I think you just killed him!
Sarah:I'm sorry, I think it's that time of the month...
by Tsukuri March 23, 2009
a word men use instead of period because they have a gf or they're very mature
hosea harris:wow abie looks really pissed,it must b that time of the month
dshaun groff: wats that?
josh johnson:abie's ugly
abie vahlkamp:hosea how do u no oh, u would wouldnt u..... dshaun ur an idiot josh shut the hell up! at least the rest of these guys know wat a pad is!
by awesomeness/yourface May 27, 2009
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